Calmbirth Course

$550 aud
Sun Dec 8, 9:00 AM - Sun Dec 15, 4:30 PM (AEDT)
My Midwives, 31 Weston St, Brunswick, VIC, Australia  

Sue is an experienced birth educator and has been teaching calmbirth® pregnancy and birth preparation in Melbourne since 2005. She brings to her courses her thirty years of working with women and their families as a nurse, midwife and counsellor. Sue’s courses are inclusive of LGBTIQ+ couples.

The calmbirth® workshops draw on contemporary birth physiology and neuroscience giving couples a greater understanding of the birthing process whilst aiming to understand and reduce fear and anxiety. With greater knowledge and understanding, women and their partners are able to feel confident to make informed decisions around their birth choices.

The workshops combine an understanding of the birthing process, the hormones of labour and birth and practical skills for managing pain, sensations and challenges of labour, that include breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques, positioning and massage. Life after birth and the transition to parenthood and the role of the partner/support is also emphasised.

The comprehensive course is complementary to all models of care – private or public, birth centre or home-birth and is not an alternative to the birthing choices you have already made. You will gain practical knowledge and skills whether this is your first or third baby, or hoping to achieve a vaginal birth after a previous caesarean (VBAC).

Please note when booking to book one place (which is for two people i.e. woman and partner/birth support attending with you)
Bookings are not able to be taken if more than 35 weeks pregnant at start of the first class.

Sue Power

My Midwives, 31 Weston St, Brunswick, VIC, Australia